Google to add YouTube videos to Google Feed

 Since TikTok has gained a lot of user support, social media companies have started to develop as well as make it easier for users. Google is currently testing a new feature that allows you to watch YouTube videos on its Google Feed without having to go directly to YouTube.

Google is currently testing a new feature, the inclusion of YouTube video clips on the Google Discover tab. As you may see, videos with the YouTube logo are displayed in a row at the bottom of the "Search" box, and if we click on any video, it will go directly to YouTube. Every once in a while. So we can also see Full Screen and can Like / Dislike, Comment, Share as well as can see Description, Report or Send Feedback normally. Also, the short videos that will be placed on the Google Feed can not be clicked Play or Pause, that is, all the videos will play automatically, which is similar to the Story tab on YouTube. To change the video, we can drag it up or down to watch again.

For a Content Creator or YouTuber who wants their video to appear on the Google Feed, it is required to record a video that is no longer than 60 seconds and write #Shorts in the video title or description, then their video will be shown on the Google Feed as above. However, this function is only in the testing phase. What do you think about putting short videos on Google Feed like this?

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