New virus detected pretending to be an update on Android smart devices

This week, security researchers Zimperium spotted a new virus on an Android smartphone that pretended to be an update to mislead users. However, it will only be able to access Android devices successfully if you download the APK file from an obscure website.

Once a month, Google releases security updates to its users, but because the virus still has the same new creators, it is difficult to prevent in time. If you always download apps or games from the Play Store and trusted websites, there is no need to worry about it.

According to a report from Zimperium, the virus can disguise itself as an update message and be able to view or send messages, access phone numbers and search history. In addition, it can also show our location (GPS), use the camera and voice recorder.

*** For more information visit the Zimperium website  by clicking here

Of course, as mentioned in the article above, this virus is not present on the Play Store, it can be transmitted to Android users by downloading APK files from external websites. No proper recognition and so on.

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