Microsoft to launch Xbox Series X mini fridge in the near future

It looks like a promise from the past, as Microsoft will soon make a refrigerator that looks similar to its next-generation Xbox Series X to satisfy fans. Therefore, all players should have one game machine and another refrigerator of the same shape for storing their drinks.

First, there was a game between Xbox and Skittles, a kind of candy on Twitter, through a poll of their respective fans. Aaron Greenberg, Xbox's marketing manager, said that if they won the race, they would consider making a mini-refrigerator with a similar look to the Xbox Series X. After the election deadline, it was discovered that the Xbox could beat the Skittles with an approximate percentage of between 50.5% and 49.5% of the 340,000 turnout.

So in the near future, we will see a refrigerator that looks exactly like the Xbox Series X, and if you are lucky, it will definitely be available in our country. What about readers who have been interested in this topic or not? And in the future, do you want Microsoft to produce something more unique? 

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