Facebook finds Chinese hackers trying to steal data from US Uyghur

On Wednesday, Facebook revealed that a group of Chinese hackers were trying to use their data to hack into Uyghur populations and journalists living in the United States. According to Facebook security, a group of hackers called Earth Empusa or Evil Eye hacked data from at least 500 people.

Facebook's investigators have confirmed that the hackers did not hack into Facebook directly. That is, they sent links through the use of fake Facebook accounts, as well as created Android apps and websites to post information to trick people in the Uyghur community into clicking on the links (Link) that they sent. However, Facebook was still able to find all those accounts and deleted a total of more than 100 accounts from its social network.

Most of the people in the Uyghur community are Muslims and previously lived in an area of ​​Xinjiang, China, but later decided to move to other countries such as Australia, Canada, Turkey, Syria and the United States.

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