YouTube is testing to disable the number of Dislikes on Creator videos

YouTube has announced that its developers are testing a number of dislikes on YouTube videos. This means that only if the channel owner directly accesses YouTube Studios can see the number of Dislikes on their video, for the general viewer is not visible.

In testing the new profile, YouTube has confirmed that they may disable the Dislike number or remove the Dislike button. The reason is that some creators have sent feedback about the disadvantages of displaying too many Dislikes on their videos, as it can be tiring for them to create videos on YouTube as well. Can affect their popularity as well.

However, YouTube also said that for showing the number of Dislikes on the Creator's video, so that viewers can avoid watching any video that is spam or illusory. . It should be noted that Instagram in 2019 also tested a test to block the number of Likes on the image. So for creators who like to post videos on YouTube, what do you think about this test?

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