PUBG Lite has been officially launched from the end of April.

After being released for more than a year, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG Lite, has been officially announced by PUBG Corporation and KRAFTON from April 29, 2021. The beginning of 2019 was one of the first times that PUBG Lite was tested in beta, but until almost mid-2021, it was also discontinued.

While the popular Lite game was shut down at the end of April, the ban on new downloads began from now on, with no new players available. The purpose of creating PUBG Lite is to give those with a medium or low power computer the opportunity to play this game smoothly and for free. However, after much discussion, the game company decided to officially shut down and did not specify the exact reason.

Of course, this is just a version of the game, not the original PUBG game, so those with high-powered PCs can still buy it. Have you ever downloaded PUBG Lite to test before? Or are you already playing regularly?

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