A fake malware app offers free Netflix movies on Android devices

People who like to watch movies or dramas are already familiar with Netflix, as it offers a lot of popular movies on a monthly basis, but some people who do not want to pay also use other methods of stealing. However, Google recently removed an app called FlixOnline that promised to offer Netflix movies for free, but in fact it was not a virus.

To date, the FlixOnline virus is no longer available for download on the Play Store, and after detection, it was found to be infected with a virus to copy to all users' mobile devices. According to Check Point Research (CPR), the virus could gain access to users' messengers, especially WhatsApp, to use those accounts to deceive other people. Some malicious programs can hide from our Home Screen, so we need to go to Settings> Apps & Notifications> find the name of the program> App info to click Uninstall.

Therefore, if you have downloaded the app and it is still on your Android device, it must be uninstalled immediately so that it does not continue to infect. If we want to watch Netflix in the safest way, we can only use their own monthly service.

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