Data of 533 million Facebook users seems to be leaked again

Once again, our team has received information that the data of Facebook users, a popular social network, has been leaked online. This time, the report put the number at 533 million, but was officially denied by Facebook, stating that they were just old leaked data during 2019.

All we know is that the data of all those Facebook users includes full name, date of birth, location, email, gender and phone number. A total of 533 million data were released from 106 countries around the world, including 32 million in the United States, 11 million in Europe and 6 million in India. However, it seems that Facebook has said that they are old data that has been hacked since 2019 and was resolved during that time as well.

In the past, the purpose of distributing data to all Facebook users was to exchange them for money for phone numbers, but now the data sets are being shared online for free. Our team hopes that Facebook has really resolved to allow us to continue to use this social network safely. 

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