Godzilla vs Kong grosses $ 122 million in first week

Although Godzilla vs Kong features large-scale Warner Bros. productions. Pictures and Legendary Entertainment have not yet been released in our home country and in the United States, but they have been officially released in theaters in China and other countries. For the first week of the show, they were able to earn a total of 122 million dollars, a large part of which came from China.

While aggregating around the world, Godzilla vs Kong grossed $ 122 million in its first week, with $ 70 million coming from viewers in China. Of course, this is a very rare movie that will make the audience want to know who the winner of this battle is.

If you have not seen the movie about these two monsters, then you can watch Godzilla (2014)> Kong: Skull Island (2017)> Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) And finally, Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) this.

As for the special answer, whether Godzilla or Kong is the winner in this match, we can only wait and see in the future. Our team also hopes that the situation can return to good soon to be able to go out safely as before.

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