Karakin 2x2 Map Officially Arrives on PUBG Mobile

One of the first Battle Royale games called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for playing on mobile devices, or PUBG Mobile, is still very popular today. To bring a new experience to be more attractive, they also released a map called Karakin to play on PUBG Mobile game with new locations and new game strategies.

The 2x2 Karakin map is from North Africa and has been available on PUBG PCs for some time. Because it is smaller than other maps, the features of the game will be faster than usual and the winner will be found soon. According to a new video posted by YouTube channel PUBG Mobile below, the Karakin map will have houses that could have been destroyed by the bombing, as well as walls that could have been destroyed by the bombing On it will be a secret underground tunnel. To find out more, you can watch the video below.

So for those who want to play on this new map can update the game PUBG Mobile with smart devices iOS (App Store) or Android (Play Store) will be available to play from now on. What do you all think about this 2x2 map?

Trailers Video

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