The Walking Dead: Survivors is being tested on Android and iOS devices

For those of you who have watched The Walking Dead in the past, you probably already know a lot about the storyline. It is about the attacks of many zombies in the world. Also, the new game called The Walking Dead: Survivors, which will play as Survivor, is now available for download and testing on Android and iOS.

On the Play Store and App Store, we recently saw the addition of a new game called The Walking Dead: Survivors, which is now available for download and trial on both Android and iOS devices. The game was initially tested in Germany, Russia and the United States. And after receiving some feedback from the players, the developers of Elex Technology and Skybound Entertainment decided to test it worldwide.

According to an announcement on The Walking Dead: Survivors' Twitter account, users of both Android and iOS devices will now be able to download the game for testing. The full version is on April 14th. The Walking Dead: Survivors is a game that requires players to try to stay alive from zombies and also to build forts or cities to defend themselves.

Players will also be required to play 80 different characters, including characters from The Walking Dead such as Rick, Glen, Maggie and Herschel. So, want to know how good and fun this Survivor-style game is to play, fans can download the test play at Play Store and App Store first.

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