Blackheads Extractions on a 67 Years Young Female 2021

 Enilsa I so appreciate that you have such a fondness for us that you make a special effort to extract the blackheads that you know we will be the most Satisfied by. That really is very lovely of you. It's so nice to hear the laughter between you and this lovely lady and to know that it's a happy experience as it brings us such pleasure it feels like a bit of a celebration what with her going on vacation with her nice clean skin. God bless you I often wonder how amazing YouTube would be if all channels followed your example. Big hugs.

This lady looks like she has worked hard all her life & put everyone first before herself. It's lovely to see her nurture herself Now this is what I call a good video, not only were you concerned about your client but also your viewers, I wish more people understood why we watch.

Ta one behind the ear was insane! It just kept going! Thanks for your kindness and care for your client, amazing work as usual.
Alcoholics don't miss gems like this one but somehow I did....glad I found was like finding that $50 bill I had stashed in one of the zippers of my purse!!!!!! Kudos Enilsa!!
This has to be one of my favorites, it’s got everything. Whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, solar comedones, and some excellent Spanish thrown in too. Thanks, Ailsa, you rock!

One of the best blackhead videos

This client is great. She has everything which satisfied everyone - deep big blackheads, huge extensive cystic whiteheads, nose, cheeks, inside ear, behind ear.. all of our dreamt acne,. Coupling with supreme technique and gorgeous videographer. This is a paradise video. Five stars!

Yes...time flies when you’re enjoying Enilsa’s precious voice and watching her extract comedones gently yet absolutely completely. The minutes slip by so quickly it’s a sad surprise when the session is over. Love you Enilsa, sweet and lovely girl! Many blessings to you.

Enilsa. Your bedside manner was so nurturing and calming! Has this lady returned yet, for you to finish what you began? It would be a shame to only have a half-extracted face.

Enilisa is there anything you can't do? I can't believe you speak Spanish as well, although I can't speak the language I can tell you were taking great care of the client. I love watching your videos.

Every time I come across this video, I HAVE to press play! Not only the pops are awesome, but she is so sweet! She has the sweetest voice She is a trooper. Did she ever get to see everything that came out? And what was her reaction? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall!!! I hope she comes back, I would love to see her again.. she is the sweetest lady ever. Thank you so much for your videos, they are very calming.

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I could watch this all day long! These people must have such relief to have these removed. I wish more doctors would care about patients mental health where these kinds of things are concerned.