I love when you do a glycolic wash. The blackheads are standing

 Just watched the K series again. I cried as I imagined all the negative feelings he experienced because his skin looked so bad for so long. I cringe at the thought of some of the comments he must have received. I am so thankful he moved to Killeen and found Enilsa. Many weeks of painful extractions, twice daily wash with a glycolic-based cleanser...all for normal-looking skin. K, your perseverance is paying off. You will ultimately have clean, clear skin without the ugly scars that so many acne survivors have. Ailsa, you have made a huge difference in K's appearance and quality of life.

I think the frequent wiping off the extracted blackheads of your patients is super respectful. I hate it when other providers just flick them off or worse smear them on their gloves like a disgusting prize or something.

Since Elsa hasn’t posted new videos for a while I started watching other people’s videos. Oh my gosh. Ailsa is SO MUCH BETTER than anyone else on YouTube. I missed her so much I rewatched this video again and I don’t think I’ll be watching anyone else. We love you Enilsa.

I love Elsa's way of squeezing, she doesn't jab at the face piercing the skin and drawing blood like so many others but gently squeezes each pore, she only pierces if it's the only way to extract the pore of its contents.

“K” has gotten so used to this he just sleeps right through it like a champ!

Enilsa, I have been so worried about you! You mentioned and I have seen how the CoVid-19 numbers in Texas have been getting worse and now you have been "gone" for three weeks. Are you OK?? I am praying you, as well as your family, staff, and clients, are in good health. I am really hoping your absence is nothing more than precautionary quarantine! God bless you and keep you, Enilsa!

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I could watch this all day long! These people must have such relief to have these removed. I wish more doctors would care about patients mental health where these kinds of things are concerned.