This guy has so much self-control. If I had blackheads like that

 I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Daryl. May he rest in peace. Not only was he a kind soul, but allowing us to watch you work on his skin brought joy to so many people. Watching Daryl and Elisa's videos after a long day has to help me decompress many times. Thank you for all the beauty you brought to this world, Daryl!

I love the fact that she doesn’t move on until it’s completely clear. And she actually puts effort in to push it all out. I love it!!! It's an all-time favorite! No piles up gunk on the gloves

switched out the dirty q tips, and very sweet! I love it!! Had to come just visit Daryl. So strange to start out engrossed in these videos and come to feel the spirit in people like Daryl and Enilsa. Daryl, we will miss you but you taught us how to live through anything with dignity and grace. May your soul enjoy the peace and may your family be comforted knowing the lives he touched.

It's almost embarrassing how many times I've watched this video from beginning to end. I find it utterly satisfying. Does that make me crazy? Maybe so. But it looks like I'm in good company.

I feel for this person. Anyone who tries to say that they aren't caring for themselves by letting it get to this point. It is painful and incredibly difficult to pop many of these by yourself. I do not have ethnic skin, but I will tell you this, an inflamed zit, blackhead, whatever hurts. This person is doing the best they can and seeking help to alleviate some of their discomforts. I give you my best. I really hope your face felt better after this session.

Enilsa is the Bob Ross of acne extraction

For people saying heartless comments, such as "how does he let it get that way, doesn't he look in a mirror", I'd like to say that I was raised by an abusive mother who stood me in front of a mirror and told me to look at how ugly I was. I'm not seeking pity, but I can say that for the rest of my life I have had serious problems with my self-image and with looking into a mirror at myself in full bright light. My point is that you never know what someone has been through and if you can be anything at all, you should be kind.

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I could watch this all day long! These people must have such relief to have these removed. I wish more doctors would care about patients mental health where these kinds of things are concerned.