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 It’s amazing how you separate the sacs from the tissue without hardly ever cutting the tissue. I think that’s why your work is so clean and bloodless.

I love that we're all on here just totally impressed by this doctor's skills and cheering them on. But seriously, I agree wholeheartedly with everyone's assessment. 10/10 excellent work, doctor!

Dr. Gen, the cyst slayer! You perform such beautiful surgery. We love you and thank your patients for allowing us to be a part of the surgical procedure. Stay safe and healthy. God bless all of us

You are an excellent surgeon! I'm always impressed by the detailed care you put into every action. Even the suturing is perfect. There isare a lot of dermatologists that post their work. I only consider about five to be worth watching. You are definitely one of the true experts to follow. Thank you for the great videos.

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