Relax Every Day | Cyst On Ear

 Bless you Dr. Jen for appropriately placing the cotton in his ear. I have seen so many procedures done and what them fighting to stop the contents from flowing into the ear. It's such a pleasure to watch the good doctor and no he will be meticulous each and every time.

Are the patient's stitches dissolvable or does he have to return for removal? I appreciate that you talk with your patients during the procedure. Thank you to your patient for allowing us to watch his procedure and to you, Dr. Gen, for your attention to detail to the surgical site after the procedure.

Finesse… this is something I’ve noticed about doctors doing these procedures in other countries … they do go in hacking away and digging for remnants of the cyst sacks and that is what I enjoy about this channel and others.

The patient must be a real shopaholic! I wish I understood what they were saying, but I guess it will take a couple of years until my Japanese is good enough.

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