Relax Every Day | Cyst On His Back

 It is s joy to watch your surgery, so meticulous and I am always amazed at how small the incisions are. I also appreciate how professional you are. There are a couple of other docs I won't watch either they've turned it into a clown show, or they do such sloppy work. God bless, be safe.

Thank you, my stress is purged. For those who enjoy these videos, you may be like me. I bottle up a lot of stress because of what life has thrown at me. Your stories are unique, but after a challenging day at work, these videos help me relax

Hands down #1 with Dr. Khaled Sadek, they don't hack away and makeover the top incisions. They get the sac out in whole, not cut part of it for no reason, then dig around in the skin for the rest. Beautiful work indeed!

Ahhh, you are learning what we like grasshopper! Yeah, we like the whole procedure to be shown. You are great at grabbing the cyst sac!

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