Relax Every Day | Cyst On His Neck

 Amazing. I keep on saying this watching you master your craft. The patient must be mighty relieved to have this removed. I thought he was about to hyperventilate.

Well done, Doc.! U got the whole darn huge sac, and in such a dangerous site too!! Congratulations to you both… patient as well, for the courage and patience to endure this surgery in such a vulnerable site, with only a local!! WoW!

You are just the best doctor on YouTube. Really awesome work Dr. Gen as always.What a cyst really big and a very awkward place to have a cyst. I bet the patient is glad to have that removed. Looking forward to seeing the next video. TakeCare and KeepSafe.

Have to admit that this one had me holding my breath. The poor patient’s breathing! Who would want a scalpel that is close to the throat? Doctor, you truly are the maestro of cyst removal!

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