Relax Every Day | Head Cyst Compilation

 Love that your passionate about your craft doc! Great info! Love it! Some just want the pops, that’s fine, I appreciate the info too, good to learn about the human bodyThe more I watch your recorded live shows the more I enjoy you, love your humour even when someone is being a bit of a troll you take it in stride and carry on.. better man than I! Lol

I was amazed at how calm and relaxed this patient was during his procedure.This viewer could really see the confidence and trust he had in his doctor. I could not imagine going through with this awake in such a sensitive area. Great job Doctor Sadek !!

I really love watching the abscess drainage videos... They remind me of when I worked for an osteopath in the Valley in Texas. My first day and that was my introduction to the minor surgeries in office. Enjoying your videos

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