Relax Every Day | Incision and Drainage

 I’m sure, despite the difficult treatment, this man will feel much better soon. People need to understand that there are parts of the world where the luxury of a high-end medical environment (including anesthesia) is either not available or unattainable for many people.

The poor fellow was extremely brave and the clinician did an excellent job in what I’m sure is a challenging environment, using the equipment available to him at the time and making a great effort to cause the patient as little distress as he could.

As painful as it was for the patient thoroughly draining the abscess is vital for healing. The harsh judgments are I’ll be informed and disrespectful to people who work hard to relieve others suffering the best they can with the resources they have access to.

The poor man had probably put off seeking treatment because he couldn’t even afford what would be seen as basic care in more affluent countries.

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