Relax Every Day | Large Cyst Behind Ear

 It's my ear. My dad gets shaky when he hasn't eaten. Down here in the south we don't go to a doctor for a little cyst nor do we go to a tattoo shop. The cyst has grown about half the size it is in the video. We are going to do another video as soon as the cyst gets a little bigger. This time we will get the whole process on video.

well, it may keep coming back if you just keep squeezing out the cheese. you need to make a small incision to get the cheese out, then pull the walls of the cyst behind it. you will need a scalpel. small nippers (surgical scissors) to snip around the outside of the wall. and maybe a couple of stitches to close it up when done.

The reason it didn't pop right away is they didn't probably rupture the sac it was I encased in if it's a cyst and if they don't get the sac too it can come back. My husband is a diabetic and diabetics are prone to get cysts.

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