Relax Every Day | Leg Abscess Drainage

 Can you imagine the pain and the smell this patient must have been going through hopefully things will start cleaning up soon after the wound is been drained did you get to do a follow up never ever truly thought I would ever see anything like this infected leg great job. I really was wondering if you had to cut off any more dead skin.

So, I possess the miraculous ability of common sense. This allows me to assess a situation and make a professional judgment. I would’ve (now, I know I’m no doctor with fancy book learning) put the kidney dish there, to begin with, and had an assistant keep the dish against his skin. I then would’ve put the gauze into a separate dish. Again, this is just a common sense thing that I possess.

He is so brave! I had a Perianal abscess and no one could touch it because of the pain it caused. I had surgery in the end ( usual practice for perianal abscess in the UK) but she is having it squeezed!! Kudos to her!

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