Relax Every Day | Massive Abscess Ear

 That little man took it like a champ. I can’t even begin to imagine how sore and painful that had to be. Great job getting it out and cleaned. Being an ER nurse it’s never easy when it comes to doing this on kids.

This was so difficult to watch, I wanted to hold him and tell him everything will be okay but honestly, the ending with his healing ear made me feel good to know he was doing great! What brave little guy!

My heart goes out to this little guy! He is one heck of a trooper!!! I can only imagine the pain he is in. The numbing medication doesn’t work too well when an infection such as what he has is present. He held in there like a MAN!!!

Why is nobody mentioning why this wasn’t done under a general anesthetic to prevent the pain and trauma for such a young child. There’s no way they could fully numb an abscess that large. The pain when squeezing it would make an adult scream out. The poor kid shouldn’t have been put through this to be brave or otherwise.

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