Dr Sandra Lee | 20 Years old Cyst

 This cant is a 6yr old cyst unless a lot is reoccurring. The pus is fairly liquidy. If was t hmmm ar old there would be a lot of chunky hard dead skin and pus coming out. But I see that the hole needs to be wider or incision made to get the thicker older stuff out including the sack so it doesn't return. It will continue to come back. Especially this size needs a trip to a dermatologist.

I’ve had this cyst for like 6 years, as you can see by the scar next to it I’ve attempted to have the bastard cut out before. I was put on t strong ass antibiotics & when they went in they couldn’t find anything, it’d just disappeared. I just had my 3 monthly check-up & this beast popped up a week.

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