Dr Sandra Lee | Biggest Cyst Sac Removal 2022

 Dr. F. Is the cyst whisperer. His removals are done so elegantly. He is second to none of all the docs I've watched do this procedure on YouTube. And there are quite a few...

Outstanding Dr. Gen! Thank you to your patient and yourself for sharing this amazing video! Looking forward to all the new videos in 2022. Happy New Year Dr. Gen!

1. Largest Cyst Sac Dr. Gen

Dr. Furubayashi is so amazing to watch. The professionals who can make it look easy are usually the best. He sure was here. That was a huge cyst with a huge sack. But he got it all. His suturing is also amazing. As long as this patient takes care, and the skin type doesn't keloid, there should be little scaring. Thank you for showing this video.

So clean and neat, thank you for going back and getting the last little bit, means a lot!!! Shows your finesse and character. Enjoyed the video so much!!! Have a blessed Year!!! Excellent care was given to this patient.

2. Dr. Gen Cyst Removal

Found your channel a little while back and I’m in heaven watching your work! Thanks for your service in helping these people with their issues! Happy New Year to you and cannot wait until this new year of video! Thanks again from the USA!

The cysts that this doctor removes all have that yellow, brown, gray tinge to them. I always wondered why until Dr. Lee (AKA Dr. Pimple Popper) said the coloring of a person's skin can have some bearing on the color of the cysts pus. The sac contains skin cells, so if u have darker skin, the cyst will have darker pus!! I just thought that was a pretty cool trivia fact!!

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