Dr Sandra Lee | A Cyst with a Safe Word

 No joke, your videos truly are my lullabies! Every night I watch your videos to help me unwind and calm the anxiety that I get! I’ve had to rewatch this video about 3 times now cause I keep falling asleep. After all, it’s so relaxing to watch !!

It's super weird how videos of cysts being popped and blackheads being squeezed can calm me right down definitely my lullaby great job Dr. Lee

1. Dr. Sandra Lee

I need more videos! I've tried my hardest to get into other poppers but I just can't. Your videos have ruined me and the others just make me cringe, no one sutures like you! Your technique is so delicate and effective, it's incredible. From one health professional to another, keep up the great work!

The ones next to the ears are my favorite. Love this kind of video. Sometimes I wish I could have studied more and majored in her kind of area. I seriously don't get squeamish but I love taking care of people's needs and making them happy and feel better

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

Beautiful job. As always. A joy to see and hear. I love hearing family members in the background getting a kick out of an office SURGERY!!! Dr. Lee, you’re so engaging with them. That’s why the world loves you. That’s why I love you. My girl. The Pimple Popper. You’ve taught me so much. Love you, Valerie and Kristi!

Just watched Sandra remove that huge growth off of Paul's back. I'm in tears. That must've been so painful to live with. And how long did he live with it? Why can't people take care of this issue sooner? Is it a lack of health care? Ignorance? Funding? And what can a person of humble means do to help?

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