Dr Sandra Lee | Draining an ear Abscess!

 Awww what a sweet boy, and so brave! Has amazing, I would be in tears and I've given birth three times! I hope it doesn't come back, and I hope his acne gets better too. My son suffered from that for a couple of years and it's no fun.

Such bad acne! Poor boy! If anyone with acne is reading this, what I did for my acne was get Cerave facial cleanser, and it worked miracles for my face!

1. Dr. Sandra Lee

Little man! I feel you! Believe me....years of doctors and acne meds - don't help! The sun....kiddo!! Or a Tanning bed is your best friend! No joke ...use a tanning bed 12 minutes 4 days a week & pure aloe Vera your pores will thank you,, the UV rays shrink the pores helps to close them while drying up access oil....after each session shower & use pure aloe vera gel ....the aloe heals scarring and also cleanses any bacteria still present.

Ugh! That kid got oozing ear wax? Wait until Paul sees this GROSS he’s brave though this was the grossest removal ever wait a minute that’s not ear wax it’s an ear ABSCESS! EWWW!

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

I notice any bump out of place on my body, no way in hell I would not have popped that thing on my own had it been my own ear just because there is no way I would be able to stop myself.

I don’t know why but these types of videos are ALWAYS super satisfying to watch (in my opinion) honestly what’s so satisfying about these videos, and why do you people enjoy watching them????

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