Dr Sandra Lee | Epidermal Cyst Atheroma

  I know even Hannah was saying, “no pop it!” We are a popping group, Dr. Sadek. I must say, it took a very steady, gentle hand to remove the sac virtually in tack! Great job. Hope you’re well & fully vaccinated

This doc is the best! His technique of using an instrument to stretch the skin around the cyst more often than not without piercing it is innovative, although others try and use this technique, they are not as crisp and clean as our doc. Bravo for his professionalism!

1. Dr. Sandra Lee

I've had 3 of these removed behind the earlobe.. severely infected where I could feel my pulse making my ear throb. And I've never needed or wanted anesthesia. it's a huge relief of pressure and pain as soon as it ruptures. People can be real babies about these procedures sometimes.

You have a perfect way to deal with things like that. I know what I say... I am a nurse working in the operation tract (neurosurgery). And these people I work with have skills too. Neurosurgery is really special, very filigran and not comparable to other sectors, where you "dismember" the bodies;-))) Hello from Germany

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

DR K, Can I recommend you get another camera like your side view one? The cam you use for the top best shots is kinda crappy. Can I also ask why you do not use an oval cut like I have seen others do? It apparently gives you more of a handle to hold the cyst and gets rid of some of the stretched loose skin. Keep up the good work. and Hello From Canada.

Dr. Sadek. I recently came across you while watching someone else you have heard of. Consider me a convert. Anyway, you are really knowledgeable and fun to watch. So Consider me another new fan. So nice to meet you. My name is Nancy and I live in Tampa, Florida, U.S.

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