Dr Sandra Lee | A Fresh Squeezed Cyst

 OMG! I have practically the exact same thing on my cheek! I used to think it was just an enlarged pore & about once a month I was able to squeeze stuff out of it.

However, several years ago I stopped being able to do that & now it looks just like this one did - like a little disk just under the skin with the 'pore' in the middle. I wonder if I could get a dermatologist around here to get rid of it...

1. Dr. Sandra Lee

I suffer from terrible anxiety especially at night and when I’m not sleeping in my own bed. The countless times that this video has helped relax me and helped me fall asleep in these situations is unforgettable.

Happy new year to you and your lovely ladies hope yall have an amazing 2022 filled with many pops and surprising more videos to share y all are amazing and I absolutely love watching your videos and tv show keep up the amazing work. Sending hugs, love, and prayers for healthy bodies all around.

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

That lady seemed annoyed when Dr. Lee was talking technical about the procedure but nice when talking about her kids. If she didn't want to be on video she should have just said so or at least acted like she wanted to be there.

How do I get to send in a picture or video? I have a cyst on the left side of my face, next to my eye, and my insurance won't cover it because it is cosmetic... It doesn't hurt me, but it makes it really hard to wear my glasses...

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