Dr Sandra Lee | Guess What Popped Out of this Foot!

 The same thing happened to my sister. The bit that came out of his foot is a foam/rubber plug from the sole of the footwear he has wearing when he stepped on the nail.

Had a scar on my knee for over a year. One day it itched and as I was scratching it the scar actually sliced open. I went to clean it and felt something rough inside the scar. After a couple days of trying I ended up pulling a piece of glass out of my knee.

1. Dr. Sandra Lee

The human body is capable of doing some pretty amazing things. What I’m convinced has happened here with this gentleman’s foot is a good example of exactly that. Basically, when the patient stepped on the nail it resulted in a small bit of rubber being punched out of the sole and shoved deep into the patient's foot. His body eventually recognized it as being a foreign object and then reacted normally by rejecting it from the body. By slowly pushing the rubber up to the foot closest exterior surface it made it possible for the Dr. to complete an easy retrieval of the foreign object.

I knew someone who stepped on a nail wearing flip-flops and had the exact same thing happen. The nail had knocked a piece of the rubber right through their foot and eventually it came pushing its way out the top. They just cut it out themselves, cleaned it up, and got on with it hahaha. Pretty amazing what the human body can do in all sorts of situations.

2. Dr. Pimple Popper 

Had a friend who stepped on a nail and his foot "refused" to heal for almost two months. A similar knot came upon the top of his foot and we dug a part of his shoe insole from it. His foot then healed up in about two weeks.

I had the exact same thing happen to me when I was a teen, When the thing pooped out of my foot it shoot out with such force it sounded like a BBW whizzing by my head. When I picked the ball up off the floor, it was the size of a garbanzo bean and felt hard, then after squeezing it between my fingers a few times it felt like semi-firm pool toy foam, it was pitch black. I wanna know what this thing is, lol.

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