Dr Sandra Lee | Heartwarming Stories & A Squeezable Cyst

 It’s Xmas day in Australia and I’m laying on the lounge in a food coma watching pimple popping videos. Life is good. Merry Xmas Dr. Lee and team And merry Xmas popaholics

This goes into my list of all-time faves!! The melon scooper had its moment in the spotlight. I’m glad you per-cyst-ed in following that ant farm to the very end! Great work. Thanks for bringing me joy this Christmas, Doc. :

1. Dr. Sandra Lee 

how many people have all these skin problems as a symptom of insulin resistance? I used to have resistant folliculitis but as soon as I gave up sugar it totally went away and I was not expecting that side effect. As I read more I discovered sugar causes most of these skin issues, it affects the skin and eyes first before the internal organs.

Honestly, you can never assume what’s going on in an adopted child mind (or Adult) unless you are Adopted please trust me on this I was adopted at 2 weeks old knew about it from very very young and now at 47 years old, I am still affected by this daily. I did an ancestry DNA test to find things out about myself and found my natural Aunt. Thankfully I did because if I had found anyone else I could have destroyed many lives and relationships as I was a very ugly secret. Cheers cherries.

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

When you were struggling to describe the shape of the cyst, I thought that your description would be analogous with a description of a small edible plant, which is commonly referred to as a pig-nut here in the UK, a small sweet but fibrous bulb that has a very thin and fragile shoot, that often initially leads further underground before it turns to the surface and appears above ground as what looks like just another weed.

I love the rapport between you, your staff, & patients! You pull all your viewers into the exam room with your convos & I don’t think you realize how much these sessions offer a glimpse into the different family dynamics that occur for so many of us & the therapy those glimpses provide!! Most of us are doing our best to keep Love & Health in our homes & this video displayed that so well! Best wishes to this mom & her family as well as all the others going thru similar situations!!

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