Dr Sandra Lee | The Hermit Crab Cyst

 This is one of my favorite cyst removal I’ve seen in a long time! Sack came out with its contents and as much as it is disgusting, it was so freaking cool!!!

It's amazing how skilled she is with the incision, looks like a huge hole but once stitched it looks so damn clean and minimal. Blessed with amazing ability.

1. Dr. Sandra Lee

That was just awesome! As huge as it was on her face, I'm so happy the sac came out so cleanly! Amazing stuff and your meticulous checking and stitching are always masterful!

I loved how smooth that came out. I wish everyone worked like you. The love and care. No pain. Thankful there are doctors like you, not many, but I have some

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

When you were talking about the child throwing a tantrum, my boys did that at a store, I turned and looked at them and threw my own tantrum, my son looked at me and said, stop mom your embarrassing me, then I said, well how does it feel? And they never threw another, in a store anyway. Lol, But it depends on how old the child is. They need to be old enough to understand.

Considering the cyst had been removed before by her kids, the sack and content were amazing they were sack was very interesting and the content stayed inside the case very nicely well done hope she didn’t have to wait for a grandchild to long.

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