Relax Every Day | Cyst On His Back

 My stress is purged. For those who enjoy these videos, you may be like me. I bottle up a lot of stress because of what life has thrown at me. Your stories are unique, but after a challenging day at work, these videos help me relax.

It is s joy to watch your surgery, so meticulous and I am always amazed at how small the incisions are. I also appreciate how professional you are. There are a couple of other docs I won't watch either they've turned it into a clown show, or they do such sloppy work. God bless, be safe.

I love big pops like that but this one really grossed me out that I don’t wanna see them in that color I prefer the white stuff I think I’m gonna take a break from this good job doc

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: is there anything a biopsy punch can’t solve? You got a hump on your back? Biopsy punch. You got bad credit? Biopsy punch. Your woman left you for another man? Biopsy punch. You’ve got fallen arches? Biopsy punch. You just lost a cool G on the game? Biopsy punch. Bored on a rainy day? Biopsy punch. Don’t know what to name your speed metal band? Biopsy Punch.

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