Relax Every Day | Epidermal cyst

 Great to see you again! This cyst was absolutely amazing!! PS Dr. George’s motto: No cyst sac left behind! Always amazing that you can get the sac out of that tiny incision. I know your patients love that. Nice work.

I believe this may have been the largest incision I've seen dr. George use. It was nice to see the sack pulled out and severed intact rather than his normal Style. Very satisfying

Normally I'm all about the pus...the more the better. However I didn't even care about it, I was completely mesmerized by the removal of the sac. Well done Dr. G!

I'm so jealous of you, lol. What an adorable sac! But what are your haters going to say now? I didn't see anything remotely like you inflicting unnecessary pain on the patient.

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