Relax Every Day | Huge Cyst Removal

 Truly amazing extraction, hands of a surgeon as they say. At first viewing, I thought this was fake. It was a little mound, then followed with a little placenta. The patient must be relieved from discomfort and pain. Thank you both for posting this great vid.

That was such an impressive procedure. You always work with skill and precision. The exudate was like mud but you kept everything so clean. A triumph?!

When I first saw this I didn't think it was real. I can't imagine walking around with this under your clothes, it must have been so uncomfortable. The doctor is amazing at removing the sac whole and then closing it so neatly.

The thing that always impresses me about this surgeon is 90% of the time he can remove these huge cysts using only the punch biopsy (leaving a small opening to close with very few sutures). It amazes me of the meticulous removal of the entire sac and keeping the site as clean as possible throughout. Excellent suturing!!!

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