Relax Every Day | Huge Epidermal Cyst

There are two very good reasons for this technique. One, to minimize scarring. Two, because a lot of insurance and hospital regulations disallow anything requiring more than two sutures in a doctor's office. His technique saves the patient loads of time and money. I’d rather heal from bruising than a large cut, and do it now rather than booking another appointment in day surgery.

I've never seen this technique before but it's absurdly efficient, and astoundingly effective at getting everything, including the sac. I want to see more of these. Absolutely incredible work, and my compliments to the doctor so pulled this off. Simply brilliant.

I can't believe how much came out of that! It must have been there for a long time! It's still not the biggest one I've seen but it was a pretty good size and I enjoyed watching! Thanks for posting this video!

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