Relax Every Day | A Snowman-Shaped Cyst On A Man's Arm

 The 2nd part of this video made me leak happy tears. I am happy for Justin's cyst removal, especially because he had to overcome several fears. But the holiday comeraderie is what made me weepy. There are only two people I can safely be close to and hug this year, so you can bet I hugged them more tightly. No group celebrations, sigh. So I looked in wistfully and happy for this group. The ending wiped away the bit of melancholy.

Loved this video!!! The Snowman cyst was so interesting... And the decorations for the tree amazing! And yes, give your loved ones an extra squeeze this year!!!! Happy New Year to all!!!!!

Dr. Lee love watching ur videos and love ur team of awesome lady's u guys are are just one big happy family I will always and will continue to watch ur videos love u all hope y'all have a happy and blessed new year

Inflamed pilomatricoma Christmas Tree ornament? Sounds lucrative. More grateful. I learned about proliferating Pilar cysts. Quite a few of your videos had two little friends. Kinda unexpected fun.

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