Relax Every Day | That cyst was huge

 Marvelous skills Doctor! I appreciate how thorough you are, that was another large cyst! Bravo to the patient for allowing us to view this procedure.

VERY well done! I’ve seen a lot of procedures (I’m a nurse practitioner, my husband is a surgeon) and this is the way it is done. Excellent work. Thanks for the upload.

Holy cottage cheese. This was so crazy how you were able to help get this thing out with such a small opening. Plastic surgery is always the way to go if you don’t want scars. And that sac was sooo deep and you got it all. Great job

Dr. Gen is way more skilled than Dr. Pimple Popper. The small puncture tool and quick procedure from beginning to end is the way it should be done. Other Drs can learn a LOT from Dr. Gen.

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