Acne Treatment Blackhead Remove Dr. Sandra Lee Pimple Popper


Big Cyst Blackhead 

Love the cyst, hated the technique. Why are you stabbing it so much you just need to squeeze, and you don't need to wipe it after every milliliter of pus. Nice to hear them all chuckle. Pretty sure everyone had been hit by then. Sure hope that doesn’t get infected it looks nasty.

Squeeze big cyst removal

Am I the only one that wants the video to pan over so I can see what shot out? Also, stop wiping it so much! Took all the fun out of watching it. When it spurts out like that it means there is too much pressure behind a tiny hole to make it bigger and it will come out better. Think volcano Why didn't they turn the arm on the side to drain better and have plenty of gauzes to catch the pus. Also maybe squeeze closer to the cyst opening. I've seen cyst extractions that went on much longer. Love it.

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