Acne Treatment Blackhead Remove Dr. Sandra Lee Pimple Popper


Satisfying Blackhead 

This would be an awesome vid. The only thing ruining it is that the camera is way too close. Don't get me wrong I like close up but this is ridiculous I have to agree about the camera, it moved around way too much and went out of focus every now and again .. not hard to fix though, and it is something that should have been your number 1 priority in my opinion.

Big Blackhead mouth

That sharply filed thumbnail comes in a very close second to the blade the Technician uses when it's not needed as "the worst tool ever." Both are destroying the skin & causing scarring. But the blade is more dangerous by opening the body to a potential Systemic Infection.
It's called "Pimple Popping" for a reason! Just get in there and start popping out those pimples. And if it won't pop out one direction - don't just give up - go from a different direction! Please clean out the pops!!! (edit: reworded)

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