Acne Treatment Blackhead Remove Dr. Sandra Lee Pimple Popper


Big Blackhead on the face 

This video is just perfect! No annoying music, no wiping of blackheads on gloves, mostly clear footage, satisfying pops, clean removal, and the q-tips usage was brilliant. 9/10 would watch more it's always nice to revisit some of your older videos. We can count on you to do a thorough job. You take your time and go back to ensure that you've completely emptied the pore. I hope your clients appreciate your work as much as your viewers do. Thank you for being consistently good at what you do.

Big Blackhead On The Face

Man, I always feel so bad for these patients that have troublesome acne. Reminds of when I struggled with it badly as a teen.. but this guy was a treasure trove of blackheads and this was very satisfying to watch My sympathies to this young man with such numerous blackheads and lesions. I hope he returns for more treatments as multiple sessions will be necessary to obtain a clean complexion. Dr. Kasani, if this patient returns for further treatment, viewers would appreciate your assigning him a code name (to protect his identity) so we can follow his progress.

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