Acne Treatment Blackhead Remove Dr. Sandra Lee Pimple Popper

Blackhead Squeeze

I came here for what I thought would be a blackhead nest and I was surprised with something different. This is gold. Just wow. I want to see the entire session!!!!  I've seen thousands of cysts and few make me squeamish, but this one is incredible!!!!

This video is 2 years old and I still watch it regularly because it's just that amazing.

Amazing work for what appears to be a home pop! Sanitary and so gentle. I was not expecting the content that came out. Is there more? I could watch this for days!! Wow! Please let there be a Part 2!!! You extracted these filled pores so gently and effectively. If you are not already in medical school, specializing in dermatology, you have missed your calling! Subscribing now…

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