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Big Blackhead Nose 

Suggestion; Take a few minutes to review this piece. Watch those pieces where the pore is not expressed and then look at how close your thumbnail is to or on top of the pore. A pore cannot be expressed if your nail is blocking the pore opening. If u do that I think u will be able to express almost ALL of the pores. Best Wishes. You cause the nose to bleed you can dig and dig as you like but you have to come back to squeezing it out to do the thing properly.

Big Blackhead Nose

You folks have got to stop digging in these poor clients' pores. That is extremely painful; and, it does NOT make for 'great anticipation. Just nick the tops and use an extraction tool or gently squeeze it out. I, for one, would NEVER allow you to dig in my pores like that nor squeeze so hard on as sensitive of a place as the nasal rims. No way! An appropriate facial before extractions begin or a hot moist towel (to the tolerance of the client without burning the face--depending on affordability to that client) to open up the pores and soften blackheads will certainly help the situation of stubborn extractions. (Please don't take this as offensive just a helpful suggestion to alleviate some of the pain the client already has to endure.)

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