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 This is the first video of this kind that I had to actually look away from. I feel so badly for that poor lady who’s having her face violently stabbed and ripped open. I really hope she was ok after and she healed well.

This is the most painful acne extraction that I’ve ever watched. The poking & ripping skin is torturing on a mature skin. I applaud this client for being so patient to endure the pain. I didn’t know old age can still develop heavy pimples.

If someone butchered my grandmothers face like this, there would be hell to pay!! I just want to hug this old lady... and it’s not all acne - I swear some are little pearls of wisdom

Note to tech: in the future make one small cut. Try to release blackhead. If that doesn’t work then try a bit longer incision, but don’t just start by hacking up the face before trying to pop it out.

This was the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen

If you play the extractions on slow, you can really see how many times she rips this poor woman’s face open, this girl literally tears her skin like she has no feelings.

I am very elderly and would not go to this spa with my acne...The best part is I have never had acne even as a teen but still she could use a whole lot more care especially with the elderly...Iv'e seen a few of her elderly treatments and she is rough with all of them...Hopefully some older person will let her know how much she is hurting them...It's sad...

Please thank this sweet lady for allowing this filmed and for all to see! I appreciate it so much. She is such a lovely beautiful lady. I love the elderly and seniors there is so much to be learned from them if people would listen.

She's ripping each one in multiple directions with the tip of the needle and she's extracting most of them by pinching the top with this nails rather than going under- and-up.

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