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 My whole back and face is scared from cystic acne. My cystic acne is hereditary (from my dad). It started when I was 9 and I am now 59. I have been on antibiotics and various treatments all my life, including CO2 laser resurfacing two times on my face. I have a lot of empathy for this gentleman. Take care!

I have been lucky all my life to be blessed with beautifully clear skin. Once in a great while I get a pimple and it’s really sore, even the small ones. I can’t imagine suffering like some of these people do with this acne. My heart goes out to all of them that suffer from the pain and embarrassment. Thank you for sharing your stories and God bless all of you that suffer with chronic acne.

This was really good! I loved the conversation. Great job doctor!

I never have liked that tool for removing blackheads, but it works pretty good on this guy's back. It's apparently the way the doctors using it...and you're doing a great job. This man's a blessing to have as a patient

My Dad had all those cysts, big craters and holes, blackheads, puss under the skin, and in particular a lot worse on his back than what you see here in this video due to Agent Orange while serving in the Marines at Da Nang, Vietnam 1969-1971. After a long battle with Agent Orange that impacted his lungs, heart, and vascular, he passed away last year due to it.

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