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 I was so happy to see the drastic change Dr. Lee made by removing that cyst from Shane's eye. He was so scared (and rightfully so) but I'm glad this is all behind him now.

Dr. Lee, for me, is very educational to watch you doing the procedure, but now I was wondering why you don’t show the whole procedure like in the old days. Hope you go back to show us the whole procedure of your surgery.

Dr. Lee is awesome. And she did a wonderful job…Sending positive energy blessings and prayers to you your wife and your new son my friend…Yes, we all thought we were going to see the actual surgery. I’m sure if you look up Dr. Lees's tube or other platforms we will be able to see the video of the surgery. That is if he gave permission to have the surgery video taped.LOVE & LIGHT from Pittsburgh Pa.Blessed be.

What has happened to Dr. Lee, we used to see the full operation. It is all chat now with nothing at the end, I read that a lot of people are saying the same thing, come on please, let’s have it back the way it was.

I can't believe I just saw her employee just scrubbing the utensils. Aren't you supposed to sterilize them using an enclave?! Using heat to kill?! What's going on with not showing the surgery that's the highlight of seeing her at work that made her popular!

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