Recognizing AI art nowadays 2023

Recognizing AI art nowadays is just the same old rules as recognizing the fae in old fairy tales.
“Count the fingers, count the knuckles, count the teeth, check the shadows. Never make a deal with their kind.”

 What if Ai doesn’t actually have a problem making hands but it’s inbuilt Anyone working in AI should be required to have a Terminator poster on their wall with the word THINK in large letters at the bottom. failure so it seems less intimidating and people believe they could identify AI art.

Automation ALWAYS works best when hand in hand with a human copilot. Replacing humans is a penny pincher that ends up costing later, one way or another. Use the tech to force multiply what a human can do? Great. Replace a human? Even as AI improves, the results will not be desirable. It's only getting better though, eventually, it will be indistinguishable. I don't think society can handle it. Sci-fi used to be about robots uprising, but I think the issue is going to be societal collapse just from the paradigm shift of ai doing everything.

Anyone who’s spent 10 minutes on Stable Diffusion or ChatGPT, will recognize that AI will just become another tool in the artists’ work process. The sky hasn’t fallen once again.  when you say "the sky hasn't fallen" do you mean for society as a whole or for the tens of thousands of people who will lose their jobs this decade? You know what awaited the luddites after they were replaced with mechanical looms? Nothing. They died in poverty. The sky didn't fall of course. But that doesn't make it all hunky-dory.

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